Banner Advertising Tips – 3 Factors to Stop Banner Ads From Destroying Your Business

Web Banner and Search Engine Advertising are two very different online ad models. Search engine advertising (typically called ppc advertising) provides a quite simple technique of presentation, in as much as your ad is restricted to text only and a limit is positioned on the maximum quantity of characters you can use per line. The maximum quantity of lines that can be used in your advertisement is additionally restricted.

There are a few items you may wish to bear in mind if you are designing your actual banner. First and foremost, you have to evaluate which the conditions and terms are of the web service that you’re using on your web banner campaign. This will assist you in understanding what is acceptable and exactly what it not. Remember, a few of these companies don’t permit Flash banners, while some do. However, almost all advertising companies restrict the file size of advertisements. Therefore, this is something different that you should remember.

The most visible position & therefore more expensive banner will likely be built to be placed above the fold or top area of the webpage, the primary reason for trying to get above the fold is really because many visitors to websites will only check out the site briefly without scrolling down the page, this is very important if you wish to get the maximum visibility & attract more views of your respective banner.

Branding is another issue with regards to using banner advertisements on a web site. If the design isn’t meeting the click through ratio, then at least the image brands your merchandise and becomes more recognizable because the reader travels to other like sites where your advertisement might be hosted. By having the ad put on sites which have to do with your product, it will then become ingrained in the reader that this technique is trusted mainly because it has become seen several times.

2. Design your internet banner for relevant websites:
Studies demonstrate that targeted marketing outperforms mass marketing by way of a ratio of 2:1. First find the website that your prospects are visiting before you decide to design a particular banner for your marketing strategy. Banner ads that closely mirror your website will often have the highest click-through rates. You can also experiment with stark contrast designs.

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