How to Design a Visitor Friendly Website

In SEO, there is certainly one component that is often missed or otherwise not done properly, an online site layout. There are several money-valuable benefits in having a useful website layout. A good site linking will offer image and authority to your site. Developing a proper site map and having a highly planned linking strategy throughout your web site can get your website indexed easily, and also at once, it would be far easier to your visitors. However, user satisfaction ought to be the purpose of a website layout. While website optimization practices.

The first principle to get down in regard to correct website layout is termed the KISS principle: Keep It Simple, Stupid. Have you ever browsed through MySpace? Part of the reason it cannot compete against Facebook happens because it’s too complicated. The average use homepage takes 2 to 5 minutes to load, that is an egregious waste of time. Since online customers employ a short attention span, it’s mandatory you retain everything simple, including navigational links, scripts, and also media. Any video or image you place on the site must be compressed beforehand into a format suitable for the net, for example JPEG or MPEG-1.

1. The layout of one’s website. Make your website simple, easy to read as well as simple to navigate. Make sure you use complimentary colors and themes throughout. Again, you don’t need to get a little obsessive using this. You’ve visited a lot of trouble to offer quality content, so never allow the graphics or some other features to distract using this. This is particularly important for enticing website visitors to your links.

Also, your website should be kept simple and clean on your users. Do not confuse your users using the arrangement of your web site. Your web design ought to be easily adapted with a user without determining too much how your layout works. You should label the sections of your webpage to make it clear for a users so which they know how you can find information that they can need on your web site. You should also avoid setting up websites which might be irrelevant and never serve any purpose since this is only going to make navigating in your web site harder. Keep in mind that these potential customers will not likely spend their whole day just going through your web site so be considerate of your respective users. Also, they could just begin another website if they obtain the content in your website not highly relevant to what they already want.

Contrast: The contrast over the internet needs to be normal with good balance especially with the text and graphics. Sites will surely have lots of contents in it. However, having excessive text will not likely bother the person unless they are ready to spend hours reading it. Similarly, having an excessive amount of graphics and images on websites will also not help because it raises the download time.

3. No paragraph spacing
This may sound basic to you personally, but I run into this mistake ALL the timeLF

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