How to Make a Free Website for Free?

Launching an enterprise website involves a great deal of thought and decision making. One of the earliest decisions that you need to take when launching a niche site is about the layout of the site. You need to decide whether you want a fixed width layout for that site or possibly a layout. Though the fixed layout is the popular choice among designers, both these layouts have their own pros and cons. This article references the advantages and disadvantages.

The first principle to master in regards to correct website layout is named the KISS principle: Keep It Simple, Stupid. Have you ever browsed through MySpace? Part of the reason it cannot compete against Facebook is because it’s too complicated. The average use homepage takes 2 to 5 minutes to load, which can be an egregious waste. Since online customers possess a short attention span, it’s mandatory you keep everything simple, including navigational links, scripts, and also media. Any video or image you set on your own site needs to be compressed beforehand in a format suitable for the net, such as JPEG or MPEG-1.

There are three primary drivers that help an online site get found. One is content. The second is the search terms utilized to get the site. The third is fascination with the product or service or service my client is selling. Ultimately, content must work from the third point backwards. This is especially true if the visitor found the web page through search engines.

As part of my ongoing research into ethical e-business practices I came across this government website giving the basics of e-business legislation. This website provides information and resources about e-business for small businesses in Australia as well as for those that advise them. It is an initiative with the Australian Government.

2) Your website’s ‘Look and Feel’ should be the same throughout. This means color schemes ought to be the same, the font ought to be the same, and also the navigation needs to be consistent on every page. Your visitor should feel that your website is completely integrated. If they navigate to an alternative page to discover who’s has a very different design towards the rest of your site it may make sure they are feel uncomfortable and disoriented – to the extent, perhaps, that they’ll wish to mouse click away from your internet site.

Colors: Readability from the content comes only when it is presented in the right text size, font and color. The background color applied to page raises the likelihood of your website being presentable with an edge. Information about the basic color palette and soothing effects of specific colors create a large amount of difference to the website.

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