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1) The very first thing you will require is a website. This part is critical as soon as your preparing to make your own websites. Your domain name will represent what you will be likely to call your web site. This will most likely cost you $10 (per domain). Don’t worry this cost will be yearly. Keep in mind that your url of your website is NOT your actual website it is merely the title of your website. When preparing to make your own websites remember you’ll need a domain name FOR ALL your sites – it is quite important

•First, know your company status online this also allows you to know whether the individuals are visiting your website you aren’t. For example, if you are running an apparel shop, then try to find out your products position using your keyword. If you are the major dealer in men suits, then search with men suits and see your products or services position.

Unlike the baseball movie ‘Field of Dreams’, simply because you ‘build it’ doesn’t mean everyone is planning to come to your web site.  In fact, this can be most significant misconceptions that I hear when I talk to companies .  It is often a significant source of frustration that ends while using proverbial ‘my web page doesn’t work’ comment. 

1. Content issues – this occurs whenever a customer either takes to much time to produce their content, or their business supply is amateurish or lacklustre. The most common way I take care of this is to utilize some place-holder text, with all the intent of having the client say ‘hey, that’s not my text’; this may prompt these to invest their correct content. Another trick is to make use of a questionnaire to illicit responses from your client. This can be used because grounds for writing rudimentary content (e.g. ‘what does your organization do?’, ‘who are your customers?’ etc). A technique I have used in the past would be to switch off pages that happen to be empty (e.g. client: ‘where’s my press announcements page?’, developer: ‘the page hides itself if you find no text on it’). I recall reading a piece of writing some time back which suggested finding a copywriter involved from the start from the project. Having someone work closely while using client at an early stage is a great method for ensuring copy is ready ahead of launch.

You can be sure that this site will likely be functional and straightforward to get. A professional website developer has received experience working with different technologies and will mesh them together right into a site that functions the way it is supposed to. A website which is not fully functional can find yourself driving customers away which leads to lost revenues.

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