The Five Rules in Web Designing and Layout

Having a good design is really as important as the high quality contents for almost any website. The website design is a vital facet of website creation, because it is the very first impression for the initial time visitors. It also reflects the complete quality of the website. If your website is poorly designed, any visitors may not even like to go through any content – ignore their second visitLF
Greeking can prevent some clients from focussing on copy once you would love your client to spotlight broader issues first, like concepts and marketing strategies. In other instances with other clients, they could become distracted from the ‘Lorem ipsom dollop’ text if they’re trying to find real content in your layout. The key to presenting Greeking to your great advantage shall be mindful of the context in which you use it.

1) Your website should include a header, the very first thing your visitor sees. It will display, at the very least, the your site along with a tagline which tells your prospective customers, the bottom line is, what your site is about. You should also have a very navigation (menu) bar along with a main page area where you will place your site content.

Internal navigation can also be important not simply for users also for SEO. If the pages are logically and hierarchically connected this will be reflected in better user experience and much better SEO score. Proper internal navigation is not just navigation with the website, it can also be a road to discover all pages. Search engines simply follow links in order to find other pages. If every page on the website can be contacted by simply following two to three links from the homepage than the also means easy navigation for human visitors and search engines.

Keep a theme at heart. The image, navigation and color should suit this theme. You are always enthusiastic about making a theme which is unique. A unique design does not always mean you must make the one that hasn’t been seen before rather it will look like other sites but have uniqueness in an component of the website including unique navigation, theme or graphics.

(4)Next decide upon what sort of navigation bar will probably look. How are you planning to organise it? Are you going to own it at the pinnacle or in the side? How are you going to make it stand above the rest of the page? Through colour, font, italics, or underlining? Think about how we would also make links be noticeable too.

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