Using Banner Ads to Drive Massive Amounts of Traffic to Your Site

Our next lesson covers the main items for online advertising. Advertising is just about the important promotion tool for big brick-and-mortar companies. However, with a SEM businesses, advertising is simply a supporting factor. The problem is that the majority of SEM businesses don’t have the scale so that you can effectively contact large numbers of prospects and clients. Furthermore, there are hardly any places on the Web where prospective customers are available in flocks. Therefore, advertising is basically PPC-oriented.

Figure out first how many visitors you have to your site to be profitable. Most people do that backwards. They will actually try and have a lot of banner ads, spend a few money and after that determine how much traffic they should arrive at their website to restore work.
You have to know just what the price of a visitor is who involves your web site. So for each visitor who involves your site, the amount is he worth in income to your business? Some of my visitors worth $0.25 and in other markets they may be worth $10.00.
Once you figure this out, it is possible to see how much money it is possible to spend on banners. If I are aware that I have a huge value and this site converts rather well, then I can spend a lot of cash on advertising with banners because I know I am going to make far more.
Secret #2:

The text in your banner may be the ultimate call-to-action factor. More clicks you get, more banner traffic you generate. Experimenting with making the banner an animated one can possibly be an amazing web banner design idea. Some catchy call-to-action texts could be ‘Signup Today’, ‘Click Here’, ‘Join Today’, ‘Get Membership’, ‘Download Now’, ‘View the Product’, ‘Learn More’ etc.

The next essential aspect to consider is how to find the form of website you are going to placing your ad on. Whatever your products or services you happen to be advertising, it will needless to say be important to identify a site containing the correct target market for what you’re selling or promoting. The amount of website visitors to the site will also reflect the cost in promoting there, a web site with high traffic will needless to say be costlier than one measuring only receiving a few thousand visitors a month. This is where you are going to have to look at your advertising budget & decide how much you might be willing to pay.

Monetising your web site or blog is not hard enough really, setup a Google AdSense account, select your ad through the setup menu and acquire your code. Everything online involves code, HTML, Javascript and CSS. You should copy and paste this code into a Notepad or TextEdit document and save it for future use.

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