3 Effortless Tips To Create a Website That Sells

Your website could be the be-all and end-all. It virtually represents you. In Internet marketing, you never connect to people one on one. They know you from your website. Therefore, they judge you through your website appearance.

Will people do business with you should your website is ugly-looking and unprofessional?

Imagine you need to offline business. If your salesperson dons shorts, do you want to allow him to handle your clients? Of course not. Professional clothes convey trust and quality. If your staff is wearing casual clothes, you happen to be literally shouting to your visitors that you do not love quality! The same happens online with your website. If it’s not professionally designed, your visitors won’t trust you if you have great information.

Remember that folks don’t trust free information even though it really is great. We value those things we purchase and not those things we obtain at no cost. When visitors find free information on your site, they won’t trust it very much. But when you have a good design, that will help convince them that the submissions are valuable.

Here are some tips that will help you produce a decent website:

Tips #1 Avoid using splash Pages

These are the first pages you see if you check out a site. They are like pre-home pages. They are used for… well, no purpose really. They serve nothing. They are good-looking with graphics and words like “welcome to my site”.

I can’t see for your life of me why many people remain using such pages. If something doesn’t serve a purpose, take it off! People use splash landing pages simply because believe that they are beautiful. I have heard that prettiness may be the enemy of website designers. A website is judged by its content plus it simpleness, not by its prettiness.

Tips #2 Clear navigation

Again, many people prefer prettiness over simpleness. They choose multi-tiered drop down menus and Flash based menus. They look beautiful, I agree. But visitors often have difficulties navigating websites that use such menus. Always offer simple and easy clear navigation. If that you do not, visitors will leave your internet site and visit others.

Tips #3 No Background Music

If your site is about music, then that’s fine. But be sure to do allow any visitors some control over it. So if they’re annoyed, they can mute it.

I personally don’t appreciate listening to music when visiting a website. If you have many pages on your web site, I am going to hear music each time I visit a new page. Isn’t that annoying? Plus, having music will raise the load period of your web site. This is not helpful from search engines like yahoo standpoint. At present, most search engines consider the load time when giving ranks.

If you wish to build a website and sell an item, you should convey trust and credibility. You’ll never do this if your website isn’t professional.

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