So Ya Wanna Have a Website? Here’s the Deal

Big or small, there is not any doubt a web site – the right form of website – might help your company grow and prosper. The key fot it growth and prosperity is “the correct kind of website.” What’s the right sort of site for a corporation selling products certainly won’t be the proper sort of site first selling a site, or information, or possibly a political cause. Because their objectives differ, their sites must differ. But there are several basics – and basic expenses – common to all types of website.

Having been included in sites that cost in to the mid-five-figure range, in addition to those who cost a number of thousand, I can tell the successful sites at both sides of the range have somethings in accordance.

Yes, each needs a proper website name, preferably one bought for longer than just one single year. Three to five years is really a better investment, and not that expensive. Do note somewhere its renewal date so that your domain doesn’t expire. Each site also needs some sort of hosting service. For big businesses that could be by themselves servers; for small ones there are numerous commercial hosting companies out there. Check out several before signing up. Most even offer blogging capabilities, a good plus.

As for how many pages you ought to have, my solution is, “Enough to see your story inside best approach possible.” What should appear on those pages? Words and graphics, though the words – the content of one’s website – will probably be what convinces your buyers to purchase, your subscribers to sign up or maybe your contributors to contribute. Producing those words – the right words – isn’t a do-it-yourself project. Here, the services of a specialist content composer – expensive as it can certainly be – may be worth the cost.

Ditto with regards to selecting the right person or firm to combine your site content with appropriate graphics. Website design shouldn’t be left for a niece or some friend of your friend. You will also want a site that you simply or someone as part of your organization can readily modify every now and then. There’s nothing less inviting to repeat visitors than an online site which doesn’t offer result-oriented special, some amount of new information. Updated contents can also add to the expense of looking after your site.

Unless your site is fine-tuned to maximise seo (SEO), you’ll be able to trust me just sitting there…on the list of literally millions of other sites that draw few if any visitors ’cause we were holding do-it-yourself projects. Search engines are what steer visitors for your site, company, optimizing a niche site to attract those visitors is definitely an ongoing expense.

You say you need to sell things from your web site – products, services, subscriptions – perhaps? Having an “ecommerce” site with “shopping cart” capabilities is additionally likely to be an extra cost option. So will building Flash and video capabilities into your website.

So if you’ve got the notion that for a couple of hundred bucks you are able to have an online site installed and operating very quickly, fuggedaboutit! A good site – meaning an efficient site, the one which produces sales and generates revenue – is likely to be an expensive, time intensive procedure that requires thoughtful planning in advance.

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