Web Site Design Options – Pros and Cons of a Free Template, Do-It-Yourself Or Hire a Web Designer?

How do you decide what substitute for choose when coming up with a web site?

If you don’t know the benefits and drawbacks of each option you may produce a big mistake that can affect your long term business success. Often the easiest and cheapest technique is not the best one. It may work well in the short term but you’ll come upon problems later.

Let’s look at the positives and negatives of three alternatives for web page design:

1. Free template

If you search Google you can find numerous free templates on hand but how did you know if they are any good.


Easy to construct a website


Easy to customize

Freely accessible


Contains proprietary or bloated code

Code errors ie html/xhtml code doesn’t validate

Must not remove links to template owner’s website

Doesn’t present unique image on your business

Template may look exactly like 100s of others sites

2. Do it yourself

The do-it-yourself sort of person likes to learn, acquire hands dirty and makes time and energy to do the work themselves.


Build a customized website

Learn how you can code html/xhtml, css, javascript or discover ways to use html software ie Dreamweaver

Easily update, modify and/or take care of the website yourself

Save money

Attain skills which can be used for future projects


You’re not a professional web designer who’s a lot of experience

Learning curve: usually it takes weeks or months to learn to code or master html software

Create an unprofessional looking website

Create a website that’s not google search friendly

3. Professional web designer

Although a specialist web designer costs you money there is a satisfaction that you are receiving a design coming from a person or company that designs websites as a living. They live a breath website design (and probably web marketing) every single day.


Experienced professional

Has extensive understanding of current design technologies and the best way to make use of them effectively

Knows the best way to design a web site that’s search engine friendly

Knows the way to design an internet site that is certainly profitable

Obtain an exceptional custom design that reflects your internet business

Receive ongoing technical support

Design flexibility: simple to make design adjustments to the future

Takes care of website maintenance so client can focus on attending customers and building the business.


Initial design costs can be expensive

Takes time to develop a specialist website the consumer is pleased with

Ongoing maintenance costs should you not maintain it yourself

If the designer disappears or closes down you will need to find alternative solutions

My recommendation

If you don’t need an original design or just require a blog to provide content a free template or use WordPress dot com to acquire a free blog.

If you can give the time and expense to understand the relevant skills needed to build an expert website find the do-it-yourself option.

If you’re looking for an exceptional design that you will be happy with and require a person who knows every one of the intricacies of designing and marketing websites, hire a professional website design company. You’ll be glad in college.

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